Cool Products, Cool Locations

Going on location is always a treat, especially if you get to shoot in an amazing space like this one. The product is pretty cool too. Orison is a home battery system that is easy enough to install yourself.

It’s “Ugly” Sweater Weather!

Now these sweet Bundtinis are the opposite of ugly, most would even say they’re cute, but they definitely pay homage to what is now a classic holiday theme, the Ugly Christmas Sweater. Which will you chose?

Hand Crafted in the Dallas Design District

We had the amazing opportunity to see true craftsmanship at work. Humberto DeGarrio is a true artist and his studio (DeGarrio Metal Studio) resides just down the street from ours! Here he is working on a custom lighting piece for The Brendan Bass Showroom, another Dallas Design District neighbor and client. 

Peach Milkshake

Here is a scrumptious  little video we made for our friends over at Parker Products. We recently had the opportunity to tour their brand new facility in Fort Worth and it was well worth the wait! We can’t wait to see what new innovations the new space inspires.